Social Deputy of Cyber Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran Police:Tricks With Cell Phone Registry Trick

payantitr: Lt. Col. Ramin Pashaie

TEHRAN, Oct. 28 (Payantitr News Agency) – The Social Deputy of the Cyber Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran Warned Citizens: Watch out for the profiteers who steal their banking information by prying the cellphone registry from their prey.

Colonel Pashaei, Deputy Chief of Social Services of the Cyber ​​Police of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stated that in this way, the fraudsters would send the applicants a text message to their cell phones informing them of the implementation of the registry or sending a warning message not to execute the plan. They are directed to fake pages called phishing, and by stealing their bank card information, they prey on unauthorized withdrawals from their bank accounts.

The official warned citizens: “Do not be fooled by such false propaganda and always pay attention to the origin of your text messages and follow official and credible news from reputable news sites such as national media and authorized news agencies in the country.” .

He said: “It is better for our dear compatriots to constantly change their bank passwords, and if they were unaware of such fraudulent portals, they would quickly change their bank passwords and, if suspected, The official website of the Fatah Police Department can be found at